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So this is my most recent patchwork project. I’m super excited because I’ve just (almost) finished the first block (Aw Yiss! Achievement Unlocked!)

Unfortunately, this means that I’m only 1/64th of the way through the quilt-top. After I finish the quilt-top I’m still going to need to actually quilt and bind the damn thing!

I think the ladies in my sewing class have started up a betting pool to see how long it takes for me to lose it completely. I’m actually not so sure that I’m not already ‘round the bend, but anyway.

The pattern is designed by Hiroe Mogi and is called Hanabi Hexagonal. I’ve opted to do the quilt with a black background (instead of navy) and in rainbow fabrics (much of which are salt dyes, batiks & Jinny Beyer fabrics - basically whatever I could find in my scrap box!)

As such, I’ve affectionately dubbed this quilt “the queer quilt,” not that I’ve actually told anyone this yet.

1 year ago

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